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Liar Game Movie: The Final Stage / ライアーゲーム ザ・ファイナルステージ

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Movie: Liar Game: The Final Stage
Japanese: ライアーゲーム ザ・ファイナルステージ
Director: Hiroaki Matsuyama
Writer: Kaitani Shinobu (manga), Tsutomu Kuroiwa
Release Date: March 6, 2010
Runtime: 137 Minutes
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


College student Nao Kanzaki (Erika Toda) ends up in debt after being lured to participate in a mysterious game called “Liar Game Tournament” (LGT). In order to get her money back, she consults the help of genius swindler Shinichi Akiyama (Shota Matsuda). With his help, she manages to enter into the final. Waiting in the final stage is a game called “Garden of Eden Games” that offers 5 billion yen as prize money. The theme of the game is to believe each other and if all the eleven players can trust and work together, everyone can win the game. Other players participating in the LGT are Eri (Michiko Kichise), Tanimura Mitsuo (Ikkei Watanabe) and Yuji Fukunaga (Kosuke Suzuki). However, their probability to win the game is significantly threatened when a mysterious player known as “Player X” lurks among them.

Credit to: AsianMediaWiki

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Subbed by SARS

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